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  • Talent training of Reyoung pharmaceutical

    The improvement of staff knowledge, skills and quality is the foundation for the development of enterprises. Training is not only a personal need for personal improvement, but also a requirement for the development of Ruyang, so as to enhance training and learning. Provide training and learning opportunities for employees and take the road of learning enterprise development.

    Along with the growth process of employees in the enterprise, the company has set up different levels of learning content for cadres and employees, including the training of enterprise culture construction for grass-roots employees, professional ethics education and training, how to create learning organization, career design, drug professional knowledge training, knowledge, safety knowledge, post and post knowledge and basic literacy courses For middle-level managers, vocational skills training and basic management courses; for senior managers, a series of courses for senior managers.

    Multi level training

    For the new employees training, mainly for college graduates pre job training. The students who have just come out of the university campus are full of vigor and ambition, and have a relatively low level of enterprise cognition. Therefore, the human resources department of the company conducts systematic training for the new college students every year to introduce the company's development history and entrepreneurial history, teach them the knowledge of antidote management, safety production knowledge and posts, and strictly test the training contents Only those who pass the examination can take up their posts. Every employee should establish training files from the first day of joining the company. At the same time, at the end of training, these students should make a "self career design". Therefore, after each training, our college students have more confidence in their own future and more hope for our company.

    For the training of on-the-job employees, the annual training plan shall be formulated, and the on-the-job employees shall be provided with rechargeable training, so as to continuously improve their quality, and the pre post and post transfer training shall be strictly required to ensure that they are qualified for the post. We should train them to have a good professional ethics, form the master idea of loving the factory like home, follow the training mode of synchronous recruitment and training, combination of internal and external, and have both political integrity and ability. The company implements internal bidding for project development, giving employees a stage for entrepreneurship and development opportunities. The company sets up a science and technology progress award to reward the employees who have made outstanding contributions to the development of new products, technological innovation and process improvement every year; the enterprise receives reasonable suggestions from employees at any time, and interacts with employees to form a good atmosphere in which the enterprise treats employees well and employees love the enterprise.

    For the training of middle-level management cadres, the middle-level cadres are the backbone of the enterprise and the talent pool of the enterprise. They play a bridge and link role in the enterprise. The quality of the middle-level cadres directly reflects the anti risk ability of the enterprise. Therefore, our company attaches great importance to the training of the middle-level and above management personnel. Only for the middle-level management cadres of different departments, the company formulates detailed training Training plan, not only from the cultural level to improve their quality, but also to improve their management skills, management skills, communication skills, at the same time, the executive ability of middle-level cadres is also our training focus. It is worth mentioning that since 2005, our company has jointly run a school with Shandong University School of pharmacy, and established adult correspondence training class, which requires the middle-level and above personnel not to reach the junior college Those with education background must participate, and other employees will sign up voluntarily.

    In the face of fierce market competition, how to establish a customer-centered sales concept and method and expand market share is the top priority for the company's leaders and sales personnel. The sales company employs domestic well-known experts and scholars who are proficient in modern enterprise management mode to teach face-to-face with the company, mainly to teach the customer-centered sales mode, and introduce how to master the preparation skills of sales plan, how to approach customers, how to expand their sales network, the methods of self-management, and sales knowledge in sales practice. How to master the customer-centered sales concept and method, guide the sales work with new ideas, gradually improve the sales efficiency, and finally create better sales performance. After the systematic training of the sales staff, the sales team is stronger, more energetic, more dedicated, and improves the overall quality of sales.

    For the senior leaders, we carry out a series of senior professional manager courses.

    According to the characteristics of adult learning and the personalized training needs of employees, the company has adopted a variety of training forms. The company conducts regular training for workers in different positions and different types of work in the production workshop. Such training has always run through the daily work of the company and has formed a system. The training forms include on-the-job training, internal trainer training, external trainer training, etc. We also make full use of the company's internal website, open up learning garden column, and truly achieve resource sharing.


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